Establishment of the team and the beginning of the construction of the first formula.



Completing the construction and assembly of the car and the first race for the team.



Continuing the project with a completely new formula. Successful participation in 3 races in one season.



Transition to a fully electric car


Superior Engineering is a team of young, active, ambitious and hard working students who open doors to the world by themselves. We take the initiative for this, with hard work and acquired knowledge from faculties and sponsors, we create opportunities for technical and personal progress. The team consists of more than 30 members, from various faculties (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, economics ...), and we all have a common goal: to create a complex and comprehensive product, the formula, similar to the one from Formula 1, which is sent to the race track and where in those few minutes, of the Formula Student competition, in our eyes, it pays off for all our efforts and time.


Everything started back in the year of 2015, when a handful of members had the idea to participate in such a prestigious, internationally known contest as FORMULA STUDENT, created precisely for the purpose of providing opportunities and demonstrating the abilities of young people in technical, engineering design, production abilities and in the making cost and business plan. Every year over 500 teams compete in about 40 competitions, which are held all over the world. The student's interest in and response to the project was great, and soon enough we had gathered enough team members to start molding ideas with an intensive pace. During the demanding process of designing, making a formula and an entrepreneurial model, we encountered many obstacles, which we successfully overcome with the help of our sponsors and under the auspices of the University of Ljubljana, and finally realized our dreams, the formula of the season 2015/16, our first formula “MINKA” was born,. And that's how it all started.


The Formula Student is one of the world's most prestigious and largest engineering competitions founded by The Society of Automotive Engineers in the US and is today supported by the global industry and represented by one of the most influential engineers' representatives such as Patron, Ross Brawn OBE and others . The aim of the competition, which the organizers aspire to, is to encourage and develop the entrepreneurship and innovation of young people, especially in technical disciplines. The competition is set up so that it is an ideal opportunity for students to test, show their skills, knowledge and gain practical experience in creating a complex and comprehensive product in the challenging world of motorsports.


The product arises in a longer process, where the work grows from the design, construction, production of a one-seat sports-racing car, which must be economical, easily maintained, reliable and able of high-performance, up to the production of a cost and business plan and to the final testing and participation at the competition. All this is done in accordance with the strict instructions and rules of the competition. The competition itself takes place on two main foundations: static and dynamic, where judges judge in accordance with the rules of the competition.




Formula One Managing Director of Motorsports

What I find most appealing about Formula Student is the innovation that it encourages, as the competition rules give the entrants a lot of design freedom.

Having worked my way up, I appreciate that to develop a good grounding in engineering, practical experience is essential. Formula Student combines hands-on practical applications with students’ academic studies, but also gives experience in vital skills such as budgeting, project management and team work.

Whether the competitors graduate to careers in motorsport or a different sector of engineering, Formula Student will help towards their future success.

I’m honoured to be Patron of this competition which truly does inspire the next generation of engineers



Technical Director of Mercedes-AMG

Formula Student graduates all arrive with us buzzing from what they’ve done at Formula Student and wanting to see if the ideas they had and the approaches they took on can translate onto an F1 car. It’s the experience of engineering in a close-knit team that’s so valuable to us. The energy that Formula Student graduates bring to our team reminds us what a great job we have, and that we’re lucky to be doing this.



Formula 1 Engineer

I think the concept of Formula Student is brilliant as it creates a full but compressed motorsport engineering and business experience for the students. All have to face the realities of financial and resource limits with extreme time pressure and make difficult choices from the beginning of the project to the end.

Students also need to get their hands dirty and learn about the practicalities of building and running a car. I really enjoy seeing the many different ways of optimising a solution to a complex problem – there is always something surprising and positive to see.