Superior Engineering is a team of young, active, ambitious and hard working students who open doors to the world by themselves. We take the initiative for this, with hard work and acquired knowledge from faculties and sponsors, we create opportunities for technical and personal progress. The team consists of more than 30 members, from various faculties (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, economics ...), and we all have a common goal: to create a complex and comprehensive product, the formula, similar to the one from Formula 1, which is sent to the race track and where in those few minutes, of the Formula Student competition, in our eyes, it pays off for all our efforts and time.

Komotar Meet in Krško
September 14, 2018

We all dream of being fast and furious sometimes, don’t we? On September 15th, everybody will get a chance to become the next Vin Diesel. Well known vlogger Komotar Minuta challenged everyone to a race off.The winner of his challenge will get an opportunity to drive a real formula race car. You can get more info about the challenge alone by clicking on the link below. Where adrenalin is at it’s highest and that addictive petrol scent is in the air, that’s where we feel the most comfortable. That’s why you’ll find us there, alongside Komotar Minuta, doing a few attractive laps with our race cars and just enjoying the company. See you on 15th September at 9 am. Raceland Krško expects you!…/gm.27564290993…/912103995652876/…
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A few photos from today’s exhibition
September 7, 2018

A couple of pictures from today’s exhibition of our electric formula on 7. MAHLE Rally Nova Gorica. We are happy to show our work to others and appreciate the trust and support from MAHLE in developing our potential.    

Test sessions in Logatec
September 6, 2018

Last week a small group of our engineers packed their bags and rushed to Logatec, where Blagomix Varna Vožnja center of safe driving hosted us on their track to do some test rounds. Our task was to gather some aerodynamics data of the vehicle, more specifically, we were observing the occurrence of turbulence on both fronth and rare wing and on the diffuser of our race car. Gathering this kind of data is important because it tells us in which direction next, so our car will be perfectly tuned when races approach. There will be even more action in the upcoming days and weeks. We will be organizing more interesting test sessions and we will be guests at some awesome events. See you there!