Superior Engineering

Komotar Meet in Krško

We all dream of being fast and furious sometimes, don’t we? On September 15th, everybody will get a chance to become the next Vin Diesel. Well known vlogger Komotar Minuta challenged everyone to a race off.The winner of his challenge will get an opportunity to drive a real formula race car. You can get more info about the challenge alone by clicking on the link below. Where adrenalin is at it’s highest and that addictive petrol scent is in the air, that’s where we feel the most comfortable. That’s why you’ll find us there, alongside Komotar Minuta, doing a few attractive laps with our race cars and just enjoying the company. See you on 15th September at 9 am. Raceland Krško expects you!


Superior Engineering smo ekipa mladih, aktivnih, nadebudnih in ambicioznih študentov, ki si vrata v svet odpiramo sami, prevzemamo pobudo za to in si s trdim delom, pridobljenim znanjem s fakultet ter pod okriljem sponzorjev, sami ustvarjamo priložnosti za tehnični in osebni napredek.

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