Superior Engineering

Test sessions in Logatec

Last week a small group of our engineers packed their bags and rushed to Logatec, where Blagomix Varna Vožnja center of safe driving hosted us on their track to do some test rounds. Our task was to gather some aerodynamics data of the vehicle, more specifically, we were observing the occurrence of turbulence on both fronth and rare wing and on the diffuser of our race car. Gathering this kind of data is important because it tells us in which direction next, so our car will be perfectly tuned when races approach. There will be even more action in the upcoming days and weeks. We will be organizing more interesting test sessions and we will be guests at some awesome events. See you there!


Superior Engineering smo ekipa mladih, aktivnih, nadebudnih in ambicioznih študentov, ki si vrata v svet odpiramo sami, prevzemamo pobudo za to in si s trdim delom, pridobljenim znanjem s fakultet ter pod okriljem sponzorjev, sami ustvarjamo priložnosti za tehnični in osebni napredek.

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