Formula Student Netherlands

Our team is finally back from our trip across Europe. This time we competed on two competitions. First competition that we attended was Formula Student Netherlands that was happening on a famous TT track in Assen. There we competed with our first ever car Minka, that debuted on last years competition in Varano, Italy. On our first event last year, our car had many issues. This year in Netherlands however, Minka showed her true potential. Technical inspection presented no issues for the car and scrutineers quickly rewarded us with all six scrutineering stickers. The dynamic events were following where our car, together with its drivers, shone like a star. All this resulted in achieving a superb result of 5th place in overall classification of FSN event, and even more outstanding 2nd place in IC classification of FSN. Full results of the competition: Dynamic part: Endurance: 4th place (2nd place in IC category) Efficiency event: 2nd place (with only 3.63L of 95 octane petrol consumed, the least of all cars) Auto Cross: 8th place (1:01.308, 5th place in IC category) Skid Pad: 11th place (5.816 sec, wet track; 6th place IC category) Acceleration: 14th place (4.290 sec, 9th place in IC category) Static part: Business Plan Presentation: 23th place Cost & Manufacture: 27th place Engineering Design: 23th place In the end we would like to thank to all our sponsors and supporters that supported us on our way to achieving our results. We are very grateful for everyone that helped us on the beginning of our project. We would have never succeeded without you. Lastly, hats off for the whole team that worked through the sleepless nights for getting the car ready.