Formula Student UK

After a great success in Netherlands with Minka, our team moved to Silverstone in the UK where we competed against 75 teams. We entered this competition with our new, more powerful car – Griffin. Flying high after the success in Assen we came to UK confident, but we soon received a cold shower. Event judges took a very thorough look at our car. In the end we passed all the tests,but too much valuable time was lost there. After tech inspection we encountered technical issues as our fuel tank had a leak. After even more time loss repairing the tank we missed out Skid Pad, Acceleration and Autocross. On the last day we started Endurance but also there we failed to finish. After a great first half our battery went flat and could not restart the engine during the driver change. Griffin’s debut was a bitter-sweet experience as we saw the potential of our car but could not finish dynamic events. In the end we achieved 41st place and therefore we are really looking forward to race in Hungary where our true potential will be shown! Again thank you for all the support from each and everyone out there!