Test sessions in Vrtojba

Even though it’s summer and most are enjoying well deserved vacation days, our team does not rest. A group of our engineers spent last Sunday on a racetrack in Vrtojba, where a test session for press and some sponsors was held. Joining us in great atmosphere were Gregor Pavsic from Siol.net Avtomoto, David Stropnik from POP TV media house, Anže Jamnik from AVTO FOKUS magazine and Miloš Požar from MAHLE Kariera Slovenija, which is our biggest sponsor. The audience enjoyed the sounds of Griffins motor humming through the chicanes and we just could not take our eyes off the seducing lines of Eldrax. Those more corageous and adventurous took our babies for a spin. We were really pleased with how the day went and we hope you’ll enjoy the photos we prepared as much as we enjoyed making them.