Join us at 7th MAHLE Rally Nova Gorica

Dont’t know what to do over the weekend? We have an idea.  And we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. We invite you to 7th Mahle Rally Nova Gorica that will take place on the outskirts of Nova Gorica from September 6th until September 8th. 12 special stages await with total length of 150 km. You can find us in front of the Perla hotel in Nova Gorica on Thursday 6th September and on Friday 7th September in the pits in Kromberk, near Mercator market where we’ll be showing off our baby Eldrax. Come and take a look at it’s mesmerizing curves or catch a conversation with our team members.[0]=68.ARByRpxulV7E6JOscUbT5U547bSxeZzwuWCB4UIVZq238rCMwb-YVB5LKI86Rd-JqdfSf7hrRd5Iz2fxnIRKjKPBLM-MHYkzWtacuMmu2PaazLB1FgraZjmtuH–S6_P_WWNP2ympWZuO-g0tKTbL7-925Gr0FjTDSESOmoXUMEt2Tf-VaW4jg