Happy moments when we transform ideas into reality! A brand new carbon rim for our new racing beast will be created in cooperation with our partner Rotobox, who are the experts in the manufacture of carbon wheels for sport bikes.


Veseli trenutki, ko ideje pretvarjamo v resničnost! Povsem nova platišča iz ogljikovih vlaken za našo novo dirkalno zverino bomo ustvarili v sodelovanju z Rotobox, s strokovnjaki za izdelavo karbonskih platišč cestnih motorjev.

Sinter Brakes

Action! We are already in preparation for our 2nd testing on a specialized Krauss test-bench with intentions of validating our own design and testing the thermal properties of our new rotors in association with our partner Sinter, for which we are very grateful.

ATG Zupan

Snow white colour reigns in this winter, not only outside, but also in our workshop! We give our thanks to our partner ATG Zupan for finishing and lacquering our mold for the race car, they did a wonderful job, it looks great!


This is craaazy! We crossed the magic limit of 2000th like on our Facebook page! Wuhuu! Our team is most grateful to you for all given support, encouragement and friendly thoughts! We remain bold, energetic, driven and connected as family! We will soon reveal our progress in the development of this Read more…

Merry x-mas

Yaay, it’s x-mas time, and also a time when our team takes a moment to be merry. We wish you holidays full of warmth, sincere joy, and time spent with your loved ones! Ho ho ho Santa Jeeej, veseli čas je tu, čas, ko tudi naša ekipa za trenutek odloži Read more…

Kolektor event

Our weekend has passed in a pleasant family atmosphere at an event organized by our sponsor Kolektor! Thank you for your invitation! We are always delighted to see this sincere enthusiasm and cute driving simulation of a racecar under the children’s arms.

ECOmeet 2017

The previous Saturday of the Superior Engineering team was very ECO-fun! We were very proud to have been able to co-create the bigest event in the field of electric and ecological vehicles in Slovenia, @ECOmeet2017! Thank you all for paying us a visit and your kind words, see you again Read more…

ECOmeet 2017

Where do you find us this Saturday? At ECOmeet 2017, of course! We will present you our plans for our furst student formula on electric drive, which will be the parade horse of our new racing season! Electric scooters, “custom” electric bikes, electric cars, ecological workshops, numerous activities! Come, it will be Read more…

1st MAHLE eco rally

In the past week, we had the honor to participate in @ 1. MAHLE eco rally competition, featuring our team leader Tim Novak at fourth place in total, he proved his driving skills in electric vehicles. A two-day event was an unforgettable experience, in addition to rally competition, an interesting entertainment, Read more…

Raceland Krško

On Thursday, we were bathing in sun rays at Raceland Krško at the event of our sponsor Sinter Brakes, where we had lots of fun and enjoyed in a wonderful racing atmosphere! We are really glad that we have made such strong ties with our sponsors and we look forward to Read more…


RESULTS 1. Acceleration IC 1. AutoX IC (didn’t count for overall result) 14. overall Dynamic events And we are back home! First and foremost the atmosphere at Formula Student Hungary event was the best!! We enjoyed it a lot! Nice on site accommodation, beautiful town Györ, great party, some street racing… Read more…

Formula Student Germany

A few days ago, some of our electrical engineers visited Formula Student Germany where they enthusiastically absorbed all possible details of the construction of the electric formulas made by the competitors. They will certainly use new knowledge to build their own in the upcoming competition season. Thank you, Mr. Požar Read more…

Formula Student Austria

Today unfortunately we were only spectators at Formula Student Austria, but we had a great time watching the best teams in the world driving the endurance event. We also took this opportunity to return some parts to joanneum racing graz which they lent us for the competition in UK. We are really grateful Read more…

Formula Student UK

After a great success in Netherlands with Minka, our team moved to Silverstone in the UK where we competed against 75 teams. We entered this competition with our new, more powerful car – Griffin. Flying high after the success in Assen we came to UK confident, but we soon received Read more…

Silverstone LIVE!

Attention attention! Follow us live in the Silverstone contest! You can expect us around 15:00, so you still have time to prepare a popcorn and sit comfortably and then cheer for us!

Formula Student – Silverstone

Juuuhuu! After a few long days (also the reason for fewer posts), due to minor technical problems we have finally completed all technical inspections! Now we are looking forward to the line for royal discipline, Endurance. Keep your fingers crossed for our driver and lets hope the typical English weather endures!


Braaap! We successfully won the 9th place in acceleration. At the same time we achieved excellent 5th places from 16 teams in Skid Pad and Auto Cross! The final preparations for tomorrow’s royal discipline, a 22-kilometer Endurance, are now being finalized. Keep your fngers crossed for our team! Braaap! 😃 Takole smo Read more…


Juuhuu! Today in the morning we successfully passed all technical examinations and tests. We also finished the presentations and we are just waiting for the dynamic part of the competition! Tomorrow, we have Skid Pad, Acceleration and Auto Cross, hold your fists for our boys.

Testing video

Quickly read and see the summary of our testing from Logatec at Siol.netNews, because next time you hear from us, we may already be on the way to competitions! Wuhuuu, but now it’s for real!

Intense preparations

Did you think we were asleep? Not at all! Take a look at video of our intense preparations and testing for upcoming competitions! Testing 2017 Kaj ste mislili, da smo zaspali? 😛 Nikakor! Oglejte si posnetek naših intenzivnih priprav in testiranja za prihajajoča tekmovanja! ;)————————————————————–Did you think we were asleep? 😛 Read more…

Anti-roll bar treatment

This is how a heat treatment of levers ot the anti – roll bar looks like! Well done, boys! Heat treatment Tako pa izgleda toplotna obdelava ročic prečnega stabilizatorja! Bravo, dečki! :D—————————This is how a heat treatment of levers ot the anti – roll bar looks like! Well done, boys! Read more…

ELESTRA 2 d. o. o.

Uff, that was a rush! Big thanks to our partner ELESTRA 2 d. o. o. for the help of multiaxis machining, we especially appreciate that they come to the rescue in the very last minute and did an excellent job! Check their page:


We are more than happy to work with the great names of Slovenian industry and that thay have recognized the potential in us. This time, we give our thanks to our partner Kolektor for making vital parts of our chassis!

Unior Tools

When assembling our race car, tools of all kinds are indispensable. We are grateful to our partner unior tools to have equipped us with diverse and high-quality tools that come in handy at every step of the way and will be with us for the upcoming seasons!

Sinter Brakes

We only bet on the best! As they say for themselves, “There was a need to brake. We solved the problem.”, and so they did! An awesome shipment of brake pads and discs for our race car, for which we have to thank our partner Sinter Brakes! Check their offer on:

Berk Composites

Thank you Jure Berk and Berk Composites for immense help in the creation of carbon parts on our formula! Any joint gathering is a pleasure! We invite you to visit their offer of world-class seats and other carbon bicycle components at:


Our troop of electrical engineers! Just look at how they are absorbing new informations. Special thanks to representative of our sponsor MAHLEMr.Podržaj who visited and enriched our first meeting.

Komotar Minuta

“Friday, another day at the Motor Show!”, said Ciril Komotar to the wider audience more familiar as the face of Komotar Minuta, in which he reveals the mystery of automobile routes. Thank you for visiting and recording us, Ciril Komotar! And just a heads up for those impatient ones, you can find Read more…

BTS Company

Every idea starts and grows with passion, but to realize it, we also need the support of those who believe in us. This time, we thank a supporter of our project, BTS Company, for handing us an indispensable equipment, tools for working on the lathe, for drilling machines, threading. If you’d like Read more…

MAHLE and Renault Twizy

Last Thursday, 16th of March, Superior Engineering visited our main sponsor MAHLE in Šempeter pri Gorici, where we had the honor and opportunity to present our work to the leadership of a global corporation. We are always looking forward to such invitations, especially when we have the opportunity to try out the Read more…


From house to house, from door to door, they bring happiness and also spring! And I’ll be darned, they knocked on our door. Who? KURENTI of course! And some folk wisdome from Slovenia: If it rains on Shrove Tuesday, beans will bore well.


Yeey, it is Christmas all over again! At least that is how we felt, when we received this! Sincere thanks to G-M&M for manual electric tools! They will really easen up our day-to-day work on creating our race car!