Superior Engineering smo ekipa mladih, aktivnih, nadebudnih in ambicioznih študentov, ki si vrata v svet odpiramo sami, prevzemamo pobudo za to in si s trdim delom, pridobljenim znanjem s fakultet ter pod okriljem sponzorjev, sami ustvarjamo priložnosti za tehnični in osebni napredek. Ekipo sestavlja prek 30 članov, z različnih fakultet (s področja strojništva, elektrotehnike, ekonomije…), vsem pa nam je skupen en cilj: ustvariti kompleksen in celovit izdelek, formulo, po vzoru Formula 1, ki jo pošljemo na dirkalno stezo in kjer se v tistih nekaj minutah tekmovanja Formula Student, v naših očeh, poplača ves naš vložen trud.

Komotar Meet in Krško

Datum objave: September 14, 2018
We all dream of being fast and furious sometimes, don’t we? On September 15th, everybody will get a chance to become the next Vin Diesel. Well known vlogger Komotar Minuta challenged everyone to a race off.The winner of his challenge will get an opportunity to drive a real formula race car. You can get more info about the challenge alone by clicking on the link below. Where adrenalin is at it’s highest and that addictive petrol scent is in the air, that’s where we feel the most comfortable. That’s why you’ll find us there, alongside Komotar Minuta, doing a few attractive laps with our race cars and just enjoying the company. See you on 15th September at 9 am. Raceland Krško expects you!…/gm.27564290993…/912103995652876/…
Nadaljuj z branjem

A few photos from today’s exhibition

Datum objave: September 7, 2018
A couple of pictures from today’s exhibition of our electric formula on 7. MAHLE Rally Nova Gorica. We are happy to show our work to others and appreciate the trust and support from MAHLE in developing our potential.    

Test sessions in Logatec

Datum objave: September 6, 2018
Last week a small group of our engineers packed their bags and rushed to Logatec, where Blagomix Varna Vožnja center of safe driving hosted us on their track to do some test rounds. Our task was to gather some aerodynamics data of the vehicle, more specifically, we were observing the occurrence of turbulence on both fronth and rare wing and on the diffuser of our race car. Gathering this kind of data is important because it tells us in which direction next, so our car will be perfectly tuned when races approach. There will be even more action in the upcoming days and weeks. We will be organizing more interesting test sessions and we will be guests at some awesome events. See you there!

Join us at 7th MAHLE Rally Nova Gorica

Datum objave: September 5, 2018
Dont’t know what to do over the weekend? We have an idea.  And we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. We invite you to 7th Mahle Rally Nova Gorica that will take place on the outskirts of Nova Gorica from September 6th until September 8th. 12 special stages await with total length of 150 km. You can find us in front of the Perla hotel in Nova Gorica on Thursday 6th September and on Friday 7th September in the pits in Kromberk, near Mercator market where we’ll be showing off our baby Eldrax. Come and take a look at it’s mesmerizing curves or catch a conversation with our team members.[0]=68.ARByRpxulV7E6JOscUbT5U547bSxeZzwuWCB4UIVZq238rCMwb-YVB5LKI86Rd-JqdfSf7hrRd5Iz2fxnIRKjKPBLM-MHYkzWtacuMmu2PaazLB1FgraZjmtuH–S6_P_WWNP2ympWZuO-g0tKTbL7-925Gr0FjTDSESOmoXUMEt2Tf-VaW4jg  

What’s coming up in september?

Datum objave: September 5, 2018
This month will be full of surprises. So many places to be, things to see. Keep following us on social media or even better, join us at some of the events listed below. We promise it will be fun, fun, fun!   6.9. Rally MAHLE Nova Gorica (When? 9:00 ; Where? the Perla hotel in Nova Gorica)   7.9. Rally MAHLE Nova Gorica (You’ll find us in the pits in Kromberk-near Mercator)   15.9. Komotar meet (When? 9:00 ; Where? Raceland Krško)   22.-23.9. FS Alpe Adria race (Rijeka)   25.9.-28.9. in 30.9. Dnevi strojništva v Bistri (When? From Tuesday until Friday between 9 and 13 o’clock and on Sunday between 11 and 18 o’clock ; Where? Bistra pri Vrhniki)

Another day, another article. Check it out!

Datum objave: August 26, 2018
For all of you, who missed yesterday’s story on POP TV news or for those, who would like to catch some juicy details from the test sessions that were held in Vrtojba last week, David Stropnik prepared an intriguing article in which he shares some technical details and his thoughts and feelings after a few laps in our »machines«. You can find the article on their website (Spletni portal or by clicking on the link below.

Test sessions in Vrtojba

Datum objave: August 22, 2018
Even though it’s summer and most are enjoying well deserved vacation days, our team does not rest. A group of our engineers spent last Sunday on a racetrack in Vrtojba, where a test session for press and some sponsors was held. Joining us in great atmosphere were Gregor Pavsic from Avtomoto, David Stropnik from POP TV media house, Anže Jamnik from AVTO FOKUS magazine and Miloš Požar from MAHLE Kariera Slovenija, which is our biggest sponsor. The audience enjoyed the sounds of Griffins motor humming through the chicanes and we just could not take our eyes off the seducing lines of Eldrax. Those more corageous and adventurous took our babies for a spin. We were really pleased with how the day went and we hope you’ll enjoy the photos we prepared as much as we enjoyed making them.  

First hand experience

Datum objave: August 21, 2018
Ever wondered how it is to sit in and drive a formula student race car? Even better an electric FS race car made from scratch by very talented slovenian based engineers? Gregor Pavsic knows exactly what we are talking about. And he shared his experience and his feelings in an article for Avtomoto. You can read all about it by visiting their website or clicking on the link below. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all who participated. A huge thanks also goes to Karting Vrtojba – Društvo Gas Vrtejba which hosted us on their track. You were awesome. Thank you for having us.    

Fastest lap (AutoX) from Hungary

Datum objave: August 16, 2018
Throwback to summer racing season! Here is an onboard video how Tim and Eldrax set their fastest time in AutoX at Formula Student East! Compared to last two seasons it is much more quiet atmosphere.      

Autocross at TT Assen Circuit

Datum objave: August 7, 2018
Wroom Wroom! Our talented driver Tim showed us how it’s done as he was trying to set the fastest lap in the discipline named Autocross, at TT Assen circuit. We definitely have some fast and attractive driving to show and you can take a look at it by clicking on the link below.