ELESTRA 2 d. o. o.

Uff, that was a rush! Big thanks to our partner ELESTRA 2 d. o. o. for the help of multiaxis machining, we especially appreciate that they come to the rescue in the very last minute and did an excellent job! Check their page: http://www.elestra.si/index.php?lang=sl


We are more than happy to work with the great names of Slovenian industry and that thay have recognized the potential in us. This time, we give our thanks to our partner Kolektor for making vital parts of our chassis!

Unior Tools

When assembling our race car, tools of all kinds are indispensable. We are grateful to our partner unior tools to have equipped us with diverse and high-quality tools that come in handy at every step of the way and will be with us for the upcoming seasons!

Sinter Brakes

We only bet on the best! As they say for themselves, “There was a need to brake. We solved the problem.”, and so they did! An awesome shipment of brake pads and discs for our race car, for which we have to thank our partner Sinter Brakes! Check their offer on: http://www.sinter.si/

Berk Composites

Thank you Jure Berk and Berk Composites for immense help in the creation of carbon parts on our formula! Any joint gathering is a pleasure! We invite you to visit their offer of world-class seats and other carbon bicycle components at: https://www.berk-composites.com/


Our troop of electrical engineers! Just look at how they are absorbing new informations. Special thanks to representative of our sponsor MAHLEMr.Podržaj who visited and enriched our first meeting.

Komotar Minuta

“Friday, another day at the Motor Show!”, said Ciril Komotar to the wider audience more familiar as the face of Komotar Minuta, in which he reveals the mystery of automobile routes. Thank you for visiting and recording us, Ciril Komotar! And just a heads up for those impatient ones, you can find Read more…

BTS Company

Every idea starts and grows with passion, but to realize it, we also need the support of those who believe in us. This time, we thank a supporter of our project, BTS Company, for handing us an indispensable equipment, tools for working on the lathe, for drilling machines, threading. If you’d like Read more…

MAHLE and Renault Twizy

Last Thursday, 16th of March, Superior Engineering visited our main sponsor MAHLE in Šempeter pri Gorici, where we had the honor and opportunity to present our work to the leadership of a global corporation. We are always looking forward to such invitations, especially when we have the opportunity to try out the Read more…


From house to house, from door to door, they bring happiness and also spring! And I’ll be darned, they knocked on our door. Who? KURENTI of course! And some folk wisdome from Slovenia: If it rains on Shrove Tuesday, beans will bore well.


Yeey, it is Christmas all over again! At least that is how we felt, when we received this! Sincere thanks to G-M&M for manual electric tools! They will really easen up our day-to-day work on creating our race car!


Superior Engineering is conquering Idrija! 😀 On Thursday we paied a visit to Hidria, where we received a heartwarming welcome from experienced engineers and future engineers, students of Gimnazija Jurija Vege Idrija, for what we are sincerely thankful. We were happy to see all the enthusiasm about our project and can hardly wait for Read more…


We reached the 500 likes milestone!!! We keep our promises and so we will start sharing our own Formula Student story with you from tomorrow onwards. First, we will recap the most important moments until now and then move on to live updates to keep you in the loop at Read more…

So close…

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As soon as our page hits 500 likes, we will start telling you our Formula Student story – retrospectively at first, and live later on. Until then, you can check out a couple of teasers…